Refreshing Bedroom Decorating Idea Using Tapestries

decor hippie bedroom tapestry

While decorating your bedroom, you want to be at the best of your creativity. You want it to be a reflection and extension of your personality and you want it to be unique, stylish and also comfortable. This may sound a little difficult but by following few steps mentioned below you can actually give your room a beautiful look and feel. You don’t need to be very innovative and spend too much of money to do the interiors of your master bedroom if you can use the tapestry wall hangings to lift the energies of your personal space.

Here are some of the most amazing bedroom decorating ideas using tapestries which can help you have the most beautiful looking room which is also comfortable, stylish and unique. This article unfolds some of the ideas which can be of great help to you.

  • Hang Tapestry on The Back Wall

You can place the tapestry of your choice of the wall behind your back. You can select any of the styles depending upon your liking and on the interiors of your bedroom. This will fill your back wall with lots of colors and designs. Make sure you use bed sheet in contrast for getting complete attention on your wall.

  • Place Printed Tapestry on Side Wall

If you have complete wall on your side which is empty then you can have a beautiful printed tapestry placed on it. This is ideal if there is not much space to place anything between your bed and the wall. This way you can make that corner look really attractive and beautiful. You can even use some lights around it to make it look classier.

  • Tapestry in Room Color

By placing a nice Buddhist tapestry in the color of your room is another interesting idea for decorating your bedroom. This way there will be single color tone in your room and what is embroidered or printed on that art piece will not look very loud.

  • Use it as a Bed Sheet

If you already have a textured or designer wall in your room then it is not good to hang the tapestry on the wall. You can use it as the bed sheet on your bed to bring more life and designs to your room without spoiling the designs that you have on your walls already.

  • Use it in Combination

You can also use an elephant tapestry on your bed as bed sheet and hang a sun and moon tapestry in contrast on the back wall. This would make your room colorful and vibrant. This is an interesting way of reviving the interiors of your room with such Indian prints.

  • Use Complementing Cushions

You can make your bed look cozier by shopping for beautiful embroidered cushions with colorful threads, mirrors, pearls and zari work for a perfect Indian kind of interiors. They would complement the feel of your room.

These are different ideas which can be put to use depending upon what kind of tapestry you have bought. There are so many designs ranging from Indian to Victorian to vintage to modern. The look of the room will depend upon the theme which you are going to select for the tapestry and then you can alter the interiors in combination with it. Whether you want something loud and colorful or you wish for something light and classy, it is purely your decision which will depend upon the wall hanging you are going to select.

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