Comprehensive Guide on Buying Wall Hangings for Porch

Buying Wall Hangings for Porch

Porch is the outside area of the house which connects the main structure where you spend evenings and mornings with your family enjoying tea. This is usually the front of the house which marks the entrance and therefore, you must decorate it the right way. Using  Indian tapestry wall hangings of high quality in various different themes like hippie, modern, Mandala are a great idea to decorate the simple barren walls of the porch.

This article provides complete information on what kinds of tapestry wall hangings can be used for having a perfect pleasant look in this space. The only thing that you must always keep in mind while shopping offline or online for tapestries is that they are durable, made with high quality fabric and as per the space of the porch. Don’t just buy anything that is up for sale without knowing what you need.

Purpose of Porch Wall Hangings

The idea to have tapestries in porch is simple to beautify the porch and area adjacent to it to bring more life and add character to it. Whether it is a huge wall tapestry or a vertical wall hanging, because it is flat, it always stays in position. They have been in use from ancient times and very comfortably resist the varying weather conditions.

Tips on Selecting Tapestries for Porch

Whether you are buying wall hangings for dorms, you house or your porch, it is important to follow these tips without fail to ensure a healthy online shopping experience.

Types of Tapestry

There are various types of tapestries available on sale in the online markets. There is a big platter to choose from. You can decide on what you need depending upon the kind of look you desire for your porch. Here are some choices to consider:

  • Indian Wall Hanging
  • Modern Tapestry
  • Mandala Tapestry
  • Tree of Life Tapestry
  • Elephant Wall Hanging
  • Victorian Tapestry
  • Vintage Wall Hanging

All of these themes come in various colors and prints. It totally depends on what kind of decor you desire. To play it safe, you can select something in accordance with the theme of the interiors of your house to follow a consistent appeal. Or you can also go for something in contrast but you need to be very creative in doing so.

Fabric of Porch Tapestry

Because you are going to hang it outside your house, you must make sure that the fabric that you are going to buy is of high quality. It should be able to resist heat, wind, rains and every other adverse weather conditions. It should also be rough and tough. You should be able to maintain it easily. You should also be able to wash it as and when it is needed. Looking at all these points, cotton tapestries are the best choice to go ahead with as they need no maintenance and can be washed and ironed at home. Other choices like wool, rugs etc. become a storehouse of dust and require lots of maintenance.

Size of Porch Wall Hanging

Size is another important point to consider. Usually, big tapestries, extra large wall hangings, vertical tapestries are used for decorating porch walls. But whatever you plan to buy, you must select it in accordance with the size of the wall on which you want to place it. Measure it and then decide on a size accordingly.

Shape of Tapestry

Whether you are buying a vertical one or a large one, the best shape is rectangular shape. Most of the wall hangings come in the shape of rectangle as they are the best choice.

Color and Pattern

This is the last but important point to decide on. You must go with colors that go with the wall paint. If you are picking something in contrast or in complementing shades, make sure that it doesn’t spoil the appeal of the porch.

Talking about the pattern, you can either go for tie dye pattern or for block print or for batik print. There are so many choices available in the market.

It is important to note that you must not invest too much into a wall tapestry that you are buying for your porch if that area is not covered because chances of it getting spoiled and damaged are high. Anything that is cheaply priced and rough and tough makes up the best choice.

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