Wonderful Innovative Ideas For Hanging Tapestries in Dorm Rooms

tapestry for dorm room walls

Hanging Indian Mandala tapestry on the wall is an old and most common way to pop up your dorm rooms but if you want to try something unique and interesting the try creative ways to hang tapestries for unconventional room decor. These attractive bohemian wall hangings promise a dramatic makeover of your interiors. And using them in innovative ways can actually add new energies to your dorm room.

This post brings some of the most interesting and unique ideas for hanging tapestries in your spaces for a refreshing and stylish look. Use these ideas to give your ambiance a contemporary look.

Canopy Bed

You can use Indian Mandala tapestries to create a beautiful canopy bed by covering the top with hanging ends tied around the hem to impart a unique look to your room. This interesting way brings focus of your room on your creatively done bed.

Ceiling Cover

You can even have these hippie wall tapestries used stylishly as ceiling covers in your living room or any other space. By hanging them on the ceiling, you can actually give a nice trendy look to your interiors. You can choose from simple soothing colors to warm and vibrant hues depending upon the wall colors.

Room Divider

Create an innovative room partition by hanging patchwork or embroidered or mirror work tapestries. They are beautiful room divider choice which adds more colors and textures to your simple spaces and they don’t even cost heavy. Have them hung in rooms to create creative partitions with great style. They are artistic alternatives to freestanding dividers.

Window Blinds or curtains

Have them made into window blinds to add a unique look to your room. Indian Mandala tapestries in traditional screen prints on cotton fabric in soothing shades can be used as window blinds in dorm rooms for a refreshing and gorgeous spaces.  You can even have them hung as curtains on your windows for a distinctive look.

Closet Cover

If your closet doesn’t have any doors then you can use gypsy tapestries as closet covers which will always cover your clothes from exposure and dust. These cotton hangings are light weight and easy to maintain so that you can change them as and when needed without and complications.


If you don’t want to get into the hassles of making arrangements for rods etc. then you can simply use these Mandala tapestries as bedspreads in bedrooms. These vibrant bed covers add a rich appeal and refreshing feel to the simplest of the room. Add some beautiful cushions matching with the tapestry to create a unique ambiance.


If you want to hang the tapestry in the traditional style to keep it simple then one interesting place to hand this gypsy hippie wall hanging is right behind the bed to create a wonderful headboard. You can buy them in matching colors, varied shapes and themes to suit the mood of your ambiance. They can be hanged easily using Velcro if you don’t want to use a rod.

These are some of the creative ways of using Indian tapestries in your room in a stylish and fashionable manner. These interesting styles are a smart break from the usual patterns that add a completely refreshing look to your ambiance.

Points to Keep in Mind While Using Tapestries

Here are some essential points that must be kept in mind while using tapestries for room décor. Follow these guidelines and you will have amazing interiors.

Analyze your space

It is important to analyze and evaluate the space in which you wish to hang or use these masterpieces. You need to decide on the size, the theme, the shape and the colors. There has to be a match between the room décor and the tapestry you are planning to use.

Decide on Tapestry style

You also need to take into account the kind of tapestry you would want to have. Markets offer amazing range of gorgeous tapestries but you would always want to have a piece which is a reflection of your taste and personality. So take good time to decide on the style you would want to have.

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