Amazing 20 Tapestries for Home Decor

Indian Tapestries for Home Decor

Tapestries are one of the most creative and classy ways of stylizing simple walls of your house. They come at all prices and are an amazing option to redecorate the boring bare walls with something colorful, vibrant and lively. It is all about redefining the space with some new idea or thought with these decorative tapestries.

This article unfolds the list of 20 best and most popular indian tapestries. Some are modern, some printed and some embroidered. Let us read through all these options.

1. Tapestries Wall Hangings

Tapestries Wall HangingsYou can shop for some colorful printed or embroidered art wall hanging kind of tapestries which come for reasonable prices. They come for different sizes and in various patterns to help you redecorate your walls.

2. Mandala Hippie Tapestries

Mandala Boho TapestriesThe colorful Mandala tapestry comes in a circular print consisting of Bohemian design or any other pattern for a perfect look for your living area. They come in various colors all in a circular pattern.

3. Elephant Mandala Tapestries

Elephant TapestriesIf you are looking for a traditional Indian style of tapestry then shop for the elephant tapestry which has a beautiful print or embroidery pattern consisting of elephants for a traditional and rich appeal. You can also have it in a patchwork design for a perfect looking wall.

4. Tree of Life Tapestries

Tree of Life wall TapestriesThis is the most popular of all the categories which comes with a beautiful tree on it. Some even have an elephant at the base of the tree. You can have a tree of life style for your house which comes in various colors to match with the decor of your room. You can have it in tie dye pattern or simple printed style to have it hanging on one of your favorite walls in the house.

5. Buddha Tapestries

Buddha TapestriesYou can also have Lord Buddha on one of your walls in the form of designer printed tapestry in any color that you desire. This is a perfect way to do the interiors of your room with a hint of spirituality and elegance.

6. Sun & Moon Tapestries

Sun & Moon Cotton TapestriesIf you want to bring in some nature in your interiors then go for sun and moon decorative tapestry option. This is a beautiful and soothing option which is a good option for home tapestry. You can have it placed in your room in any color you desire.

7. Zodiac Tapestries

Zodiac Horoscope TapestryIf you want are looking for some astrological theme for your wall then zodiac tapestries are a wonderful choice. You can have them in printed designs or even embroidery patterns to create celestial equations on the backdrop of your room.

8. Indian Hindu Tapestries

Indian Hindu TapestriesYou can have Hindu gods and goddesses in the colorful art wall tapestries in your house. These Indian tapestries increase the spiritual feel of your room thereby making it a more pious place to be. Select on the gods you wish to have.

9. Tie Dye & Printed Tapestries

Tie Dye & Printed TapestriesThere are several patterns that come in tie dye and printed styles that make up for good options for Indian and modern tapestries. You can find them in all possible designs that range from ethnic to trendy.

10. Ari Embroidered

Ari Embroidered tapestry beddingIf you are looking for something cultural and colorful then ari embroidered is a fine choice. These decorative wall hangings come in intricate thread work patterns consisting of flowers, elephants and various other animals. Sometimes they are also teamed with mirrors and zari threads for an Indian feel.

11. Bohemian Patchwork Tapestries

Bohemian Patchwork TapestriesGo for the stylish and unique bohemian patchwork tapestries which are extremely creative and lively. They come in various colors and patterns that decorate your walls with a fresh feel.

12. Elephant Patchwork Tapestries

Elephant Patchwork TapestriesElephants have always been loved by all. This Indian style is an amazing choice of home tapestry for any house. You can have elephant patchwork style of hangings for your walls in different designs ranging from small to huge.

13. Beaded Embroidered Tapestries

Beaded Embroidered TapestriesIf you don’t mind few embellishments then beaded tapestries with embroidery with colorful threads actually revitalize your interiors. This is a beautiful traditional style to decorate your walls with lots of style and ethnicity.

14. Fabric Wall Hangings

Fabric Wall HangingsThis is an amazing modern tapestry which consists of attractive printed fabric with a classy design that has been shaped into a wall hanging for a gorgeous look for your home.

15. Hippie Tapestry

Hippie style TapestryGo for that relaxed and untamed feel by placing a free soul hippie tapestry which comes with a typical hippie print on a simple fabric. It is perfect for imparting a casual and cool look to your room.

16. Vintage Wall Tapestry

Vintage Wall TapestryIf you desire for a vintage look for your interiors then have the classy and rare vintage wall tapestry for your living room or drawing room wall. It is surely a posh and perfect choice.

17. Victorian Tapestry

Victorian TapestryHave the typical Victorian feel added to your room by placing a tapestry depicting that era on your wall. They come in soothing colors and engaging designs for a perfect look of those times.

19. Floral Tapestry

Floral Tapestry Wall HangingsAdd some vibrancy and freshness to your walls by decorating them with colorful floral design. There are amazing options ranging from bright and colorful to subtle and classy.

19. Door Tapestry

Door TapestryYou can even have a beautifully designed yoga wall tapestry for decorating the entrance of your house by placing it on top of your entrance door. This adds on to the beauty of your entrance.

20. Urban Tapestry

Urban TapestryHave this modern tapestry reflecting the urban culture in its designs and styles. This is good for a bold and modern look that you desire.

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