Tips on Smartly Securing Your King Size Indian Mandala Duvet Covers

King-size Indian Mandala Duvet Cover

We all love super king size luxury duvet covers on our bed. The soft double Indian duvet covers make the bed cozier and happier place to be. But when it comes to putting back the duvet into its beautiful full king size hippie Mandala duvet cover set after as wash, it is one Herculean task. You don’t only require extra man power but you also need to make sure that you don’t lose your patience. It might seem simple to put back the queen bohemian comforter cover back but you really need at least two people along with some planning so that you are able to accomplish this goal with success.

This post brings some tips on securing comforter coverlet with ease. Read these guidelines so that you can stuff your duvet in your favorite boho chic prints perfectly matching the unique Indian print bedspreads that is the uniqueness of your room….so here you go.

Wash, Dry and Iron

The very first step when you are starting with a fresh king size mandala double duvet cover made with cotton fabric is to wash it on high heat, dry it and then iron it. This is important to make sure that the beautiful cotton bedding coverlet that you have bought, doesn’t shrink.

8 Ribbon Pieces

The next step involves cutting 8 ribbon pieces, each piece of about 6 inches. Go with a medium thickness ribbon so that you can comfortably tie it to the duvet. You must pick a light color or the color that matches so that it doesn’t show through.

Sew RibbTons on Corners

Flip your hippie duvet cover inside out. Now pin two pieces of the ribbons you had cut to the bottom corners of the cover. Now sew the ribbons with a simple hand stitch to the hem of the corner. This is important so that these are not visible when you have put on the cheap duvet cover.

Tie Cover and Duvet Together

To make the process easier, line up the duvet with the coverlet. Now attach ties to the corner ends on the bottom side. Use the ribbons to tie the knot, make sure you tie them in square knot which is easier to untie and good enough to hold them together for some time. Hold the corners from the inside. Keep shaking the duvet till the time duvet cover in not turned inside out and completely covers the duvet from all sides. Now attach the remaining ties and button up the cover.

Read to Make the Bed

Now you are all set to make the bed. Simply shake the duvet out and keep it neatly on your bed.

With these steps, your twin and king size Indian style duvet cover will always stay in place till the time you don’t have to take it for a wash or change it. So be smart and use these steps to put on the comforter coverlet with ease. From now on, it will not be a hassle for you and you can easily change bohemian bedding set to Indian print mandaala bedspreads.

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