Tips for Buying Wall Hangings for Dining Room

Wall Hangings for Dining Room

Every woman desires to have a beautiful home. Be it any space of the house, she wants to decorate it beautifully. Dining room is an important room in the house because this is the place where the family sits and enjoys the meal. Therefore, it is very important to decorate it with beautiful decors like wall hangings for a stylish look and feel. You can use high quality cotton tapestries of different themes like bohemian, hippie, Indian, modern etc. depending upon the kind of decor you desire for that room.

This article talks about various tips that are helpful for buying cute and funky high quality wall hangings to beautify the walls of your dining area.

Advantages of Using Wall Hanging in Dining Room

  • They need not be framed.
  • They can be tailored as per the size of the wall.
  • Can be used even on an uneven wall.
  • You can buy the one which matches your interiors.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Can be selected as per a theme.

Points to Keep in Mind While Buying Hippie Wall Hangings for Dining Room

Though everyone has a unique taste and one wants to go by his personal choice while purchasing these wall hangings. It is important that buy a wall hanging which becomes the focal point of your dining space. It is also important that whatever you are using is resistant to the smell of food and drinks so that your piece of art doesn’t get ruined. To avoid that, here are a few tips to follow:

Fabric Selection

This is one of the most essential points to keep in mind. When you are buying a trippy tapestry for the decor of your dining then it is important that you buy something that has been crafted using a high quality fabric. Here are few choices to consider:

  • Cotton

The best choice of fabric is cotton because then you can have it washed as and when you need without concerns like dry clean, bleach etc. A cotton wall hanging is easy to wash and iron at home which surely saves you lots of energy, time and money. Moreover, it is very cheaply priced and is light weight which makes it easier for you to manage.

  • Wool

This is another option if you are going for a rug kind of tapestry. This is a good option if you want to maintain the warm in your room. Such tapestries in nice colors look graceful and stylish. Though, it may be a little difficult to clean. But it is an amazing option for other rooms and can also be used as dorm tapestry.

Theme Selection

This is another important point to decide on because this will decide the theme of your room. There are so many styles available in the markets for indian trippy tapestries that you have all the room to choose what you like. Here are some very popular choices:

  • Funky Psychedelic Cotton Wall Hanging

If you want to go for intricate designer hippie tapestries then colorful and funky psychedelic wall hangings are a wonderful choice for the walls. They come in beautiful prints in patterns in various color choices.

  • Hippie Tapestry Wall Hangings

This is another funky choice to go with. You can have wall hangings reflecting the famous hippie culture. Theses tapestries come with Bob Marley print or with spiritual OM printed on them in various color combinations.

  • Trippy Bohemian Tapestry

You can also go for bohemian style tapestries and use them as table cover in the dining or have them framed for the big wall in your dining area. This is an interesting dorm tapestry option as well. You can find various prints and patterns in this cute trippy style.

  • Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry

This is one of the most common and popular styles which you can choose to make the wall of your dining area the point of attraction. There is an elephant with tree print, elephant print in circular pattern and various other prints to select from.

Print and Pattern Selection

This is the last important point that you need to focus on while buying dorm tapestry or dining wall hanging for decorating your home. Here are a few choices that you will come across in the markets:

  • Block Print

India is known for its block prints. Craftsmen have been designing beautiful designer tapestries using floral blocks, elephant blocks and various other shapes to allure the buyers.

  • Tie Dye Pattern

This is another ancient style of print which is developed by tying knots of different sizes on the fabric and then soaking it in different colors which produce an amazing pattern of blending colors.

  • Batik Print

There are cute tapestries available in this pattern in which a picture or pattern is painted using wax and then the cloth is dyed. This results in a beautiful pattern when the wax is removed.

Keep in mind all these points while purchasing a wall hanging of your choice for your dining space so that you can make a better choice of fabric, style and theme which is very much helpful for the look and feel of your space.

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