What to Wear for a Hippie Costume

homemade hippie costume

Dressing like a hippie is not a difficult task to accomplish. Whether you wish to dress up like a hippie for a costume party or you are keen on redesigning your look, this styling is quite fashionable and interesting. It is totally about how you wish to express your personality with your clothes by wearing cool, comfortable and colorful attire.

Here is a complete guide to help you dress in wonderful hippie costume and look great. Follow these simple steps and you will miss on nothing…..

Tops: Keep them loose and comfortable

You can dress up in the simplest of your t-shirt or top and accessorize it beautifully to look like a hippie. Go for comfortable tops which are a little faded and used. Include tie-dyed tops in your dressing. Take inspiration from Indian culture in your clothing to have that authentic look. Long and loose sleeve blouses make an interesting choice.

You can even go for a vest to add more layers to your clothing. From embroidered vests to handmade styles, there is a great variety to wear. Try colorful patterns and styles. Long and short, beaded and floral, printed and embellished, there is an amazing room to choose your style.

Bottoms: Keep them stylish

Denim bell bottoms have always been the most preferred choice of dressing for hippies. Go for faded, torn and patched jeans with embellishments or embroidery to get that look. It is a perfect pair of lowers for men and women. The nice loose flare makes up for a perfect choice of bottoms.

For females there are obviously more options to try. You can dress into beautiful floral skirts with loose fitting. You can also dress in mini-skirts tunics with interesting prints and necklines. For a more impactful look, wear them with knee length boots and you will look like a hippie for sure.

You can also wear denim shorts as hippie costume if they are ripped. Or you can always turn your torn jeans into smart shorts. Remember the grungier, the better it is. Keep your look raw and comfortable. It doesn’t need to be pristine and tamed.

Foot wears: As important and clothes

Do not take your footwear casually; they need to match with your look. Though hippies preferred staying barefoot but simple flat sandals were their choice of shoes. Birkenstock sandals have always been the most widely worn sandals by hippies. They come with cork bottoms with leather straps.

Leather flip flops can also be one of the choices for shoes. For women, who want to dress up in short tunics and skirts, long boots make up an amazing choice of shoes. Hippies also used to wear hippie boots which are made with suede or leather and were worn especially in winters.

Accessories: Must for a hippie look

Hippies loved to accessorize themselves with beautiful funky jewelry. They loved handcrafted jewelry. You can wear accessories made with natural stones, seashells and beads. Wear long beaded necklaces, long ethnic earrings, macramé and peace charms.

Do not forget to wear a wide leather belt or chain belt to keep your loosely fitted clothes in place. Also wear ankle bells to wear that look.


Granny glasses of 1950s with thick frames have always been a big highlight of hippie dressing. Wear them in bright frames in different shapes. Go for small, half moon, granny kind of glasses and with blended clothes, you will fit perfectly in your costume.

Hairdo: Do not miss on styling your hair

No matter if you are a man or woman, you must have long hair. Do not cut your hair rather grow them into good length. Leave them loose and let your locks fall. Low maintenance is the key to the hippie look/ Men must have a beard too.

Wear a headband over your forehead. Accessorize it with flowers or beads. Or you can also tie strings on your hair to keep them in place and look different.

No makeup is the makeup

Do not wear makeup. Keep it to a minimum if you find difficult to say a complete no to it. Women need a bit of black outlining of their eyes with kohl. No lipsticks at all. Keep it natural and raw.

These are some of the steps you must follow to dress up like a hippie. It neither needs shopping nor too much of money to get that look. You can look for old clothes in your trousseau and wear them in a mix match fashion to create a completely new and raw look for yourself. Remember, whatever you wear, you must wear it with lots of style and attitude and keep it simple….

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