How to Wear Long Fashion Scarf

Long Fashion Scarf

Long scarves have always been a beautiful accessory to add more colors, style and layering to your clothing. Scarf is surely the most enthralling and wearable accessory to revamp your look. You can use it smartly to change your style and look, especially when you are wearing coats and blazers. Use simple tricks and techniques in draping your favorite long scarf around your neck and enjoy a completely new and fashionable look without having spent even one single penny. Create a new mix of style by having colorful printed, floral, handmade scarves which can make you look hottest and smartest.

Well, draping a scarf is surely a technique that one must know. This article brings the most stunning and easiest ways to wear your fashion scarf with more style. Read on and find out what these techniques are…..

A Loose Tie

This is a wonderful way to dress with a difference. It is a highly recommended style for those who love carrying a scarf along and enjoy experimenting with new looks. This trick can help you dress with a scarf with any kind of attire. So if you are wearing an oversized coat with no idea how to stylize it then this style will help you survive on the most confused days.

Follow these simple steps and stay sorted….

  • Drape the scarf around your neck in an even fashion.
  • On one side of the scarf, tie a loose knot leaving the centre open.
  • Thread the other loose end through the loop and then pull it.
  • Adjust the scarf by evening out both the ends by pulling the shorter one.

Incorporate this style into your dressing and dress with complete ease.

Leave the ends loose

This is a simple and beautiful way to drape your scarf in style. Follow these steps and enjoy a new look…

  • Drape your favorite scarf around your neck. Keep one end longer.
  • Use the longer end to wrap the scarf twice around the neck.
  • Tuck the end into the wrap and pull the end out from the bottom.
  • To keep it intact, tie a single knot and conceal it in the wrap.

Your look is ready. Try it on with leather jackets and coats. It will keep your neck covered on a chilly day and will make you look gorgeous.

Easy Twist n Tie

This is another very easy technique to tie your scarf with attitude. This is a great way to wear your fashion scarf differently. Here are the steps to follow…..

  • Put the scarf around your neck.
  • Cross it and wrap it around your neck.
  • Tie the loose ends and fluff up the scarf.
  • Hide the loose ends inside your jacket.

Wear this look to your office and parties and look great. Add more layers around your neck.

Create a loop

This is another very simple and smart look. You can try this on for your floral, printed and all kinds of textured scarves which have been hanging inside your cupboard. Follow these steps….

  • Put the scarf around your neck and tie a small knot on the free ends to create a loop.
  • After that cross the scarf to form an 8.
  • Put the large loop circle over your head.
  • Hide the knot by shifting it behind your neck.

You can wear this style with your winter jackets and add more colors to your boring winter clothing.

Classic European Style

Go the traditional way by dressing up in the famous slip knot style. This is the most widely worn style in fashion scarves which looks simply stunning. It is one of the safest and most elegant styles to drape your scarf when you just don’t want to experiment and look pretty. Follow these simple steps….

  • Fold the scarf into half along its length and put it around your neck.
  • Create a slip knot by inserting the loose ends in the loop.
  • Adjust the scarf and tighten its grip around your neck.

You can wear it with your coats and jackets and dress elegantly for every occasion.

Try any of these styles to look new every day. Play with colors and prints to rejuvenate and revive boring and winters with beautiful long fashion scarves. Drape them with attitude and look ravishing.

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