Different Functions of Indian Wall Tapestries in Your House

Best Indian Tapestry Wall Hangings

A look at Indian tapestries Wall Hangings make them look like a bedspread, bedding sets, or beach blanket with a nice print on it but this simple home furnishing item can add a beautiful appeal to your interiors. Though we may not find too many people decorating their walls with this piece of art as people have more options for interior decoration but nevertheless one tapestry has the power to transform the look and feel of your room.

This post unveils some of the most amazing and interesting functions of Indian tapestries which revive your interiors.

Wall Hangings for Bare Walls

If you have a big bare wall in your hall with a high ceiling then you can utilize the mesmerizing Indian wall tapestries to fill them with beautiful colors and designs. This is surely one of the cheapest and quickest ways to decorate your wall within no time. Sometimes if you wish to buy something classy or antique then surely you would have to spend a lot of money but the rich feel of your room will make it a worthy piece to have. They are much better choices than paintings which are surely more expensive.

Piece of Art as Focal Point

You can actually design the interiors of your room around your exclusive tapestry. For instance, if the tapestry is of French theme then you can have the furniture and furnishings in same theme to create a mesmerizing look. Likewise, if you have a beautiful and attractive Indian mandala tapestry in vibrant colors then you can decorate your room with complementing cushion covers, table covers etc. This way your tapestry will be the point of focus of your room and rest everything will be in accordance. You can even pick a theme like vibrant, warm, somber etc. and do all the interiors on some specific theme.

Room Accents

There is no specific rule according to which you have to have large tapestries. You can also go with smaller size tapestries and have them framed just like the paintings. With each tapestry with a beautiful scene or story, you can actually create an interesting wall which adds life to your study or living area. You can actually make your dream come true to have a unique and classy appeal for your room.

Speak for Itself

You can have a thoughtful tapestry in your living room or drawing room where people can have a look at it and get involved in some kind of conversation with it. You can have unique tapestries in your house which you have purchased while you were travelling and they have a wonderful story to tell. Indian tapestries and various Asian tapestries come with this magical feel which make them so exclusive.

More Than Wall Art

It is up to your creativity that how you want to use these enticing tapestries in your house and office. You can either have them as wall hangings or you can also have them as table covers, bedspreads, cushion covers etc. It is completely your choice that how you wish to include them in your interiors and have them define your taste, liking and personality of your space.

These are some of the interesting functions of Indian hippie tapestries when it comes to using them in your interiors for a refreshing and vibrant feel. So use them in your home and experience the wonderful difference they make to your space.

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