Wall hangings have always been an important element of home decor. They are responsible for adding life to your interiors. Selecting the right tapestry wall hanging for your home can actually transform your old boring walls into interesting stories. Therefore, selecting a high quality modern masterpiece for your bedroom or living room is a decision that needs to be made with lots of engagement.

This article talks about lots of useful tips on buying tapestries up for sale in the markets. You can also go for online tapestries shopping provided you keep in mind these tips so that you can get your hands on high quality designer wall hangings for your rooms and dorms.

Tips on Selecting Best Tapestry Wall Hanging

There are so many decisions to be made on the size of a wall hanging, its color, its theme and various other points so that you can select the best piece. Go for a high quality wall hanging.

Size of Wall Hanging

This is the first and the foremost point that you must be clear about. Although there are so many sizes on sale but there is no perfect size. Therefore, you must know that whether you want a large wall tapestry or an extra large tapestry. It is also good to know that whether you are looking for a vertical modern tapestry or a horizontal hippie wall hanging.

If you are not sure then follow the golden rectangle rule which says that the length of the Indian tapestry should be 1.6 times the breadth which is the safest choice in all cases. If you wish to go with square shaped tapestries for dorm rooms then it will impart a modern look. Likewise oval shapes promise a Victorian feel.

Make sure that the wall hangings are half the breadth of the doors and windows or else they may look highly disproportionate.


The next important decision to be made is on the numbers you must use. The number of tapestries you can use in combination depends on the size of the wall, dimensions of the wall hangings and the style of interiors. Do not think that the greater the number, the more beautiful appeal the wall will have. All you need to know is that the overall effect of the tapestries has to be visually pleasant.


Here are some rules to follow for right placement of the tapestries that you have bought online for a pleasant visual appeal.

  • Do not place the large or extra large sized tapestries too close to the corners of the walls or doors or any other frame in the room.
  • There has to be decent space between the ceiling and the huge tapestry wall hanging.
  • Do not place the big vertical wall tapestry in lines with the windows and doors.
  • If you are placing too many hangings together then place them close.
  • If there are lots of small vertical and horizontal wall hangings then place them side by side or on top of each other for a balanced visual.

Style and Color

It is important that whatever style and color you are selecting, it complements the overall décor of your room or your house. There are so many options to select from based on style and color.

  • Selecting tapestry in same color scheme as the color of the room or to select wall hanging in one of the few colors present in the room.
  • Selecting tapestry in contrast color for creating a contrasting effect in the room. But be very sure of the color you are going to select as it needs to look pleasant and not gaudy.
  • Selecting wall hanging on the same style as it is of the décor. Go for modern tapestry in a modern room.
  • Select wall hanging on a completely different style as used in the décor.

Rooms and Wall Hangings

You can select specific tapestries for specific rooms of your house for perfect overall interiors.

The Hall

If your hallway is long like a gallery then you must go for long rectangular tapestries which will go with the length of the hall. If your hall is big and spacious then you can use lots of wall hangings in an assortment.

The Living Room

Living rooms are generally very big in size. They are also the spaces when family spends most of the time sitting, talking, watching television etc. This is one room in which you can place wall hangings in accordance with the décor thereby creating a pleasant appeal. Do not go for too many color combinations as it will create conflict. Keep it simple and stylish.

The Bedroom

You can go for something creative or romantic to make your master bedroom walls look gorgeous. For kids’ bedroom, you can use more colorful and vibrant wall hanging.

The Dining Room

While using tapestries in the living room, you must go for a formal style. Go for fabric that is easy to wash and maintain so that it can be washed as and when needed.

All these tips can be of great help while shopping for online tapestries. Use them for selecting from hundreds of pieces up for sale and revive the interiors of your house in a creative and stylish manner.