What to Wear With Harem Trousers

stylish harem trousers

Harem pants are smart attire for men and women. These unisex pants are wonderful and comfortable clothing for summers. You can stylize them the way you want and wear it to work and parties. From casual look to formal appeal, you have all the room to wear them to any occasion. Harem trousers come in wide range of fabrics in different patterns and styles. Go for designer trousers or handmade pants in beautiful prints and enjoy a perfect blend of fashion and ease. They are as comfortable and yoga pants and look stunningly trendy. All you need to do is wear them the right and look fascinating.

Harem trousers have been a popular costume for men and women for years. They have always been featured in fashion magazines in enthralling patterns. Let us see some interesting ways of wearing this simple yet fashionable clothing which is a must have in your trousseau.

Harem Trousers with Blouse

If you are planning to wear harem pants to your office then team them up with smart blouses. Create your elegant and posh dress by going for white or pastel color blouses which make a great pair with black harem. Blouses come in different fits, necklines and sleeve lengths. They are a smart and trendy wear to work. They make a wonderful choice of dressing which is extremely comfortable and formal. Make sure your blouses are well fitted and neatly tucked inside. Markets offer a vivacious collection of blouses which can be purchased subjective to your choice.

Harem Pants With Spaghettis

If you are planning to wear harem pants for an evening outing then you can always team them up with sensuous and stylish spaghettis. They come in various colors and styles. Go for the ones with little styling like pearl setting or lace on the neck. This will surely get you the party look. If you are wearing plain spaghetti then match it with a stunning neckpiece. You have all the options to experiment and stylize it your own way.

Harem Trousers with Jackets

Jackets are a formal way of wearing harem trousers. It is also a great choice for dressing for meetings at work. Cropped jackets or tweed blazers look quite interesting and stylish on harems. You can even wear them with loose and baggy jackets if you don’t want to wear a very serious look to work and keep it a little easy. For winters, it is an amazing choice of dressing for ladies to dress fashionably and take some time off from regular pants.

Harem Pants with Tank Tops and Fitted Tops

As harem trousers are loose, always team them with nicely fitted tank tops and fitted tops. Go with any color and style but keep it body fitted. If your lowers are printed then go with plain colored tops and vice versa. You can even dress them up with harem pants of varying length. This is an easy and cool dress code for an evening outing or when you are out with your friends for a movie.

These are some of the wonderful ways of wearing harem pants. Keep it smart and stylish by creating interesting combinations mentioned above.

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