What to wear in Ibiza 2016?

ibiza beach wear

One of the most beautiful Balearic Islands, Ibiza is the perfect destination for an exceptional beach experience. This place is known for its lively nightlife, yoga retreats, relaxed beaches and pine-clad hills along the coastline. If you are planning a holiday there, then make sure that you pack the most stylish clothing as this is one place where you cannot afford to compromise with your style. You need vibrant breezy beachwear along with sarong, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and of course smart party clothing.

Read on to find out what all clothes you need to pack in your bags when you are going to Ibiza for a relaxed and fun-filled experience.

Tips on Clothing for Women in Ibiza

Swimwear and Sarong

This is surely the most important thing to pack. Wear a smart and of course comfortable swimsuit to the beaches. Do not forget to carry sarong for the beach. But make sure that you don’t wear this anywhere else and no one would take longer to know that you are a tourist.

Camisoles and T-shirts

To keep it easy and yet stylish, you can pack some bright camisoles and t-shirts as they are comfortable to pair up with any kind of lowers that you are wearing and moreover, they don’t require too much of your space.

Shorts, Skirts or Loose-Fitting Pants

For a stylish and gorgeous look, do not forget to carry some comfortable shorts and skirts along with some smart loose-fitting pants. They will ensure a stylish look and will also keep you easy and comfortable when you are out.


You can even carry some beautiful, floral printed, stylish, summer sundresses. They will not only look amazing in daytime but will also look wonderful when you are enjoying the nightlife at the stunning beaches. They are a perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

Flip-Flops and Heels

You will need easy to wear flip-flops when you are out on the beach. But when you are partying, you will surely require smart pair of high heels so that you can groove on the Spanish tunes.


Make sure your accessorize yourself. With a few handpicked neckpieces or earrings, you can actually give yourself a complete makeover.

Sun Hat

Don’t miss on sun hats as they are going to keep your face and head safe from the scorching heat. You can find them in different style and colors.

Round Mandala Beach Tapestry

For a comfortable seating, do not forget to pack light-weight round beach Mandala tapestry in your bag. These vibrant tapestries in round shape are good enough for two adults to sit and enjoy the beach. You can even use them as round beach towels and you can also wear them as sarongs if you wish.

There were the clothing tips for women which will keep you stress-free as far as “what to pack” is concerned.

Tips on Clothing for Men in Ibiza

When men are concerned, there are no such clothing tips as they are sorted beings. But we still have a small list to make things easier for them.

Swimming Costume

This is something which is a must thing to pack to swim and enjoy water sports.


They are going to keep you cool, comfortable and also stylish. You can even wear them evening parties.

Sandals or Flip-Flops

They are always easy to wear and do not get spoiled on the beach. So be sure about the footwear you are going to pack.

Keep these simple clothing tips in mind to make your Ibiza holiday experience stylish and wonderful.

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