How to Wear Maxi Skirts

How to Wear Maxi Skirts

A maxi skirt is always counted amongst decent, comfortable and stylish dressing. It is an ankle length skirt which is surely one of the most fashionable ways of dressing provided you can carry it off the right way. Due to the style and ease they promise, these skirts are a must have for every woman. They are timeless classic designer attire which is a relaxed everyday wear and is also a stylish evening wear. All you need to do is get your hands on the right fabric, style and design and team it up with a perfect top, smart shoes and beautiful accessories.

Sometimes women are apprehensive about wearing maxi dresses. This is so because they don’t know how to create a combination. They are also conscious about their height. The fact is, till the time you are aware of the right way of wearing it, you need not worry more. This article will guide you about the correct way of dressing in maxi skirts for a perfect look.

Wearing Maxi Skirt

Usually maxi skirts are considered very casual boho style of dressing but you can always add more spice to it by wearing it with more sophistication and style. Here are some important tips to help you dress like a diva in maxi skirts……


  • Wear with a collared shirt

Try your maxi skirt with a collared shirt for a perfect summer look. Roll your long sleeves up to the elbows and tuck the shirt in. It will give a very nice and clean look to your dressing. You can always wear a belt to accessorize and add more grace to your attire.

  • Wear with a cropped blazer

For winters, cropper blazer is an interesting style to dress in a maxi skirt. Have a customized blazer designed to balance the length of your skirt for a polished and formal look. You don’t need anything else to complete the look.


  • Slimline Design

Go for a maxi skirt with a slimline design. This will give a more refined and clean look to your dressing. Avoid fuller styles as they give a messy and untidy look. For a slimline maxi skirt you can always have a nice spaghetti or tank top. You can add on a smart neckpiece to accessorize your dress along with heels. This will be a perfect party dress for your dinner.

  • Pleated Design

For a feminine look, go for pleated design. This is surely another stylish way of wearing a regular maxi skirt. You can couple it with a smart t-shirt and a pair of ballet flats. Wear a bracelet and carry a compact handbag to complete the easy and casual summer look for a casual outing.


You have all the options to try with maxi skirt. Choose from sandals to ballet flats for a casual look to heels and glossy pumps for a party look. You can wear almost all kinds of shoes with your maxi skirt. All you need to do it create a right match. Walk where you will be walking and remember the look you are wearing and there is nothing much to pay attention to.


Talking about fabrics, you can have maxi skirts in cotton to chiffon and georgette. There is no fabric constraint. The only advice which is important is that you must opt for light weight fabrics which can have a nice fall. Make sure whichever fabric you select, it is opaque and can keep your legs nicely covered. It will give a polished look to your dressing.

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