How to Make Aladdin Pants

Stylish Aladdin Pants

Aladdin Pants are very much in fashion these days. These are popularly known as Harem pants. They are truly very stylish and comfortable. These genie pants are a fashionable blend of trouser and skirt. They come with a lose fit with an elastic waistband and a low crotch. You can wear this costume with spaghettis and tops to stylize it as per your wish and look great. They allow easy movement of legs and are a wonderful way to dress for summer. They are surely a wonderful casual wear.

Aladdin pants come in different patterns and fabrics. They range across different prices starting from cheaply priced trousers to expensive designer pants. Not just women, even men can wear this smart handmade attire.

If you desire to have a pair of Aladdin pants sitting at home then it is possible. Don’t get shocked. Just follow simple steps mentioned below and you can have a homemade handmade harem pant without having to go out in the market.

Steps to Make Your Own Aladdin Pants


Start taking your measurements. Measure the circumference of your waist, hips and ankle using the measuring tape.

Select the Design

There are various styles to wear these genie trousers. You can have one with classic full look or one with panel or scarves or one with tapered ends.

Get the Fabric

You can choose from a wide range of cloth. If you desire a free-flow look then go for chiffon and georgette. For a casual look, cotton is a good choice. You can even go for brocades if you want a party trouser.

Fabric Cutting

Cut all of the fabric pieces into two. Keep some cloth aside which will be used for the waistband facing.

Fabric Stitching

Fold each of the two leg pieces in half keeping the right sides together and pin in place. Now sew each of the leg pieces in a tube like pattern. Join the leg pieces keeping the right sides together and pin in place. Put a stitch on the crotch seam to combine the leg pieces and create a body of the trousers.

If you want to use the waistband facing then join to the pants body with right sides together and pin in place. Sew down. Now turn the pants right side out. Insert the elastic and evenly stretch it all around the waist of the pants. The elastic should be two inches shorter than your waist measurement to fit nicely on your waist. Pin the elastic in place and sew down.

Now turn the bottom edges of the two ankles inward. Repeat the same action. Insert and evenly stretch the elastic around the ankle section. The elastic should be 1/2 inch shorter than your ankle size. Pin the elastic in place and sew down.

Your Aladdin trousers are ready to wear. Stylize them and accessorize them the way you want and you are ready to go…

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