Best Stores to Buy Hippie Clothes

hippie clothes shop

Shopping is great fun!!!! And shopping for funky, colorful and cool hippie clothes is all the more interesting and engaging. We always look for great variety, fashionable designs and high quality fabrics which are value for money. With amazing options for online shopping, we have some of the best stores to help us find the most attractive designer hippie clothing at best prices. With no quality compromises, they bring us the most alluring line of handmade funky clothes along with matching accessories, scarves, belts and jewelry to help us dress the right way.

This article has listed some of the most popular shopping destinations for hippie products which make shopping a lot easier and happening. Get your hands on the most vibrant dresses and complementing accessories to stylize your new look. Browse these stores and enjoy shopping sitting at home….

Soul Flower

Soul Flower was founded by Mike and Peggy with an aim to promote a bohemian, eco-friendly fashion. Since its inception, it has become a popular shopping destination for stylish and smart hippie clothes and various other related products. You can easily find a wide range of hippie style clothing and accessories which are handmade and eco friendly. This store helps you dress with complete comfort and bohemian style.

Ved India

Vedindia is a recent addition to the list of best stores for purchasing hippie clothing. It offers a vivacious range of bohemian style attires for men and women at best prices. Match them with unique accessories like scarves, belts and jewelry and get dressed like a hippie. They have authentic handmade clothes procured all the way from India and a true reflection of the culture and tradition of India. This surely makes it a unique place to buy perfect hippie dresses.

Kathmandu Clothing

Kathmandu Clothing is a well known place for buying hippie clothing at wholesale prices. It is a popular store from Nepal which is almost 20 years old. Founded by Stephen Forster, it is a perfect place to get your hands on colorful ethnic hippie and bohemian style dresses, tops, trousers and shoes. Each of this attire is designed by natives and is beautifully handspun for an authentic feel.

Hippie Shop

Hippie Shop is a famous store from New Jersey. It is known for its high quality hippie offerings which have been designed keeping in mind the finest details of the bohemian culture. It is surely one of the best places to buy amazing hippie products of all kinds and dress like one. So start shopping for tunics, trousers and tops reflecting the culture and fashion.


SunPhish store promises to bring a vibrant collection of hippie products which have been designed and weaved with hands. The store aims to popularize and market eco friendly clothing to people who love to dress like bohemian. They sell unique designs and styles to add more attraction in every product they sell. The buyers enjoy their vibrant collection and always feel satisfied with the quality they get.


Shop at one of the most amazing places for hippie clothing, HipMountainMama is an exclusive store which was started by Suzy. The store blends beautiful colors, styles and fun into every product it sells. Enjoy an exquisite collection of the wonderful hippie clothes along with funny and funky accessories to help you redesign a completely new look.

These are some of the wonderful stores at which you can try your hands on the fashionable hippie clothes and accessories to wear a stylish look every day.

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