Tapestries have been an interesting choice of home décor. The beautiful indian round Mandala tapestries come in vibrant colors and traditional prints which promise a complete makeover of your spaces. Not only this, these hippie tapestries come with various uses depending upon your innovation and style. You can use them as wall hangings or as beach throws or bedspreads or cushion covers, subjective to your liking.

Given below are some useful tips on buying the best round Mandala tapestries for beach outing, yoga met, Beach cover and more.


Tapestries are made using different kinds of fabrics and while buying them, you should know that you are buying the right material as well. Mostly, the smaller ones are made using woven cotton fabric and the ones in large size are crafted using fabrics like cotton, silk or wool or a combination of these. While buying them, you should go with the one which you can afford to maintain without any problem. Make sure that the tapestry you are buying is not prone to oxidization i.e. it doesn’t lose its color on exposure to light or air.


You really need to take into account the maintenance of the tapestry you are buying. You must go with the ones which come with least maintenance. They can be cleared off the dust using a soft brush. But some of the tapestries need to be washed but be very sure while washing them so that the colors don’t fade away. Some Mandala tapestries need to be ironed. While ironing, make sure you have a muslin or soft cloth placed over its design. Some might also demand a dry-clean which means that you need to know a good dry-cleaner which can do the job with precision and care. Therefore, when you are buying one, look into all nitty-gritty related with maintenance to have a wise shopping. Don’t let your money go waste by buying a piece of art which demands too much of efforts in cleaning.

Style and Taste

Because you are going to decorate it on your wall or use it on your table or just spread it on your bed, so you need to make sure that the piece that you are buying is something exclusive that matches your taste and style. You must simply buy anything just because it is good and is available at a good price. You need to make sure that it goes with the personality of your house and with your taste. There has to be a connection and relation between the two, only then it will be able to add a mesmerizing look.

The point here to remember is that while purchasing a beautiful indian round tapestry, look into its maintenance and care along with quality and price so that you are able to add a beautiful piece of art which is affordable in terms of maintenance.  You need to keep a macro approach while purchasing a tapestry, only then you will be able to enjoy a great purchase.